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Poala Productions
Poala Productions is a small, indie game company, that began after the creation of Monkey Milk, a true labor of love available on Steam.
With a focus on educational, kid-friendly games and interactive digital greeting cards, you can find all Poala Production games avaialble here. Additionally, there is a variety of other Poala Prduction digital art assets that can be found in the ko-fi shop! Please stay a while and enjoy playing some games! - SnoBunni, head Poala.
Gnomes Stickerbook eCard
I have just released my latest game, "The Gnome Sticker Book Birthday e-Card". Have a friend whose birthday is around the corner? Don't be ordinary! Give them their own Gnome Sticker Book game this birthday! It is for sale over on itch.io.

Monkey Milk
Monkey Milk is available on Steam, head on over and see if you have what it takes to be Coconut King!

Work in Progress:
Monkey Milk
So what's next for Poala Productions? Hmm.... we shall see!
Do you enjoy making digital art or journals? If so, head on over to my ko-fi shop and you can snag some digital papers, overlays, masks, and ephemera, including many freebies to sample as well!

Journal Card Sample

Do you enjoy making digital art or journals? Check out this scrappy assortment in my ko-fi shop:

In the Now Kit

Looking for some grunge overlays? Check these out in my ko-fi shop:

Grunge Overlays

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